Full sTEAm ahead

On November 17, 2012 by Suzi

Is there something out there that gets your heart racing? Something that excites you where time stands still? Something you are really passionate
about? I’ve discovered mine, and it’s tea!

Plain and simple. Tea.

Even the word has a nice ring to it and just the thought of a cuppa makes me relax deeper into my chair.

They say tea takes you to another place.  Mine is a place that’s soft and warm and safe.

For me, tea trickles to my extremities and fills all the tiny spaces in my mind and body that need to be filled. A sense of satisfaction and contentment radiates out from my sometimes weary heart.

There is no judgement from me about what I did or didn’t do, or anyone else for that matter at that exact moment. A moment of calm in a world
where hectic is now a normal pace.  Sometimes you can taste the misty mountains or the rich damp soil or maybe if you are lucky, the water which has taken its own exquisite time to seep through rock to nourish the tea plant itself.  That’s a very special taste and can evoke many emotions.
Many a journey can ensue from the simple pleasure of savouring a cup of

Where did your passion take you today?


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