Tea by the Sea

About Me
Because we love tea, we want to share tea! Sharing tea has to be one of the most popular pastimes which not only crosses the seas, but also transcends generations. Taking tea is a specialised field – both for those partaking and for those serving.The art of tea is making a comeback, and nothing lets down a freshly baked scone, than a lousy cup of tea. And to ensure we’re on the same croquet playing field, we’re talking real tea with leaves.

We specialise in TEAching café proprietors and those studying HospitaliTEA all about the loose leaf tea. Swap your beans for leaves and learn all about the wonderful world of tea and the many benefits it can bring to your table, your health and to your pocket.

From respect, grows respect. Tea is extremely generous and keeps on giving…unlike its friend the bean who has been through the mill and can only offer you one last burst of life as bitter-sweet as it is. Taking tea, includes taking the time to select and prepare the tea to bring out its best. Tea served this way will continue to offer you and your guests so much more. A precious long awaited hour with a friend, a warming cup for a weary soul, a refreshing pick me up, or a spicy cuppa with a lover – tea can offer everything to everyone.

Our Tea Sommelier can help you select, sip, serve and savour the finest of teas and keep your customer’s basking in its glory. It really is liquid gold, you won’t know what you have been missing…