Tea by the Sea

Tea By The Sea Signature Blends
Create your own storm in a teacup! Some of you remember taking tea in our teahouse, well now you can enjoy the same experience at other special venues. Overlooking the seaside is the perfect place to drink in a cup of Tea by the Sea®.

As a venue you can now have your own custom tea blend made or serve up a “tea-lightful” cup from our ever popular High Tea by the Sea® signature range blended by one of the first Tea Masters trained in Australia.Take a moment to savour your choice, why not make several!  Happy customers like to linger and talk. Allow the tea to nourish this process…let it work its magic on your customers. Definitely a unique talking point in an otherwise sea of same, same!

Come share some ‘tea by the sea’ with me?  

But wait there’s more…if you recommend our tea to your nominated special venue, there’s tea in it for you!

Vote with your lips…and remember loose lips sink ships…