Tea by the Sea

We’re the first to term the word, matching tea with glee, and food you see. Bringing a whole new palate of liquors to try, complementing any meal or high tea. Not the alcoholic type, but the refreshing, digestive, cleansing, well-rounded varieTEA. Matched perfectly to bring out the food’s unique flavour served with each course. And no vintage we serve will leave you feeling hoarse (perhaps only the 50 year aged puerh!). Tell us what’s on your menu, and we’ll prepare and serve tea awaking the tastebuds without leaving you high and dry. Buck the trend, bend the rules and raise your cup filled with the champagne of teas. This one is a must-try. Teagustation – the stylish new addition to any intimate event or occasion, every connoisseur would want to savour. Now tell me madam or sir, what’s your flavour? Allow our Tea Sommelier to be the perfect complement to your High Tea or special event.