Tea by the Sea

Corporate Events
Add some pizzazz to your next event! Reinvent the afternoon tea and bring your TEAm to boiling point. In an effervesecent way that is!  Ever thought of taking a break? A REAL tea break we mean! Tea is definitely the new coffee… let the warm liquor linger on the tongues of your guests and allow the tea talk to brew and the ideas unfurl.It’s so much more than just a quick caffeine fix. From a space of calm, comes much productivity. Establish a weekly cuppa & catch-up session. Or introduce the art of Tea Appreciation at your next event.  Your staff and clients will love you for it. Make a difference to their day (or yours!) and allow us to brew a storm in a teacup with your own signature tea blend for your company, brand or special event. We cater for all types of corporate functions including tea leaf reading, High Tea etiquette and tea appreciation by our tea sommelier for product launches, staff incentives or VIP customer events.

Clients include Wedgwood Waterford Royal Doulton, Coco Ribbon, St Ives Skincare, Twinings and Equal all of whom complemented their events using tea in a multitude of ways.   We attend conferences, workshops, seminars as well as social engagements to break up the day and keep tongues wagging long after the event.

Our tea-breaks help build and entertain your TEAms or guests – and educate their palates. Who doesn’t like a good old cup of tea? We’re all about bringing back the “art of tea”.  So we’ll bring the tea but you’re on cupcake duty! And be sure to bring out your best china!  Start your own trend, make a impact, but remember, no tea-break will ever be the same!

Our Tea Master is a master of this.

NB: This package is hot and comes with a warning! Teabags will no longer be tolerated after this!