Welcoming the new

On January 1, 2012 by Suzi

Welcome to Tea by the Sea and welcome home!

It’s time to put 2011 to bed, and wake up 2012. Hello there! Are you ready??

A favourite part of my day is to take a moment to stand quietly, choose a tea blend relevant to that particular moment, select a special cup to match my mood and then take five minutes (maybe 20, even an hour!) to savour this cup, and enjoy a quiet moment with the leaves.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all had a moment to do that?  If we all just had a sacred few minutes to just “be” with our own thoughts.  A moment of quiet contemplation, about our quandaries, about our day, our woes, our loved ones, about next week, about how the other half lives, how to pay the bills, or how much we miss someone and allow ourselves to sit with that thought process without judgement.

There’s a constant list of things we need to do and achieve each day, but will stopping for five minutes impact any of these from happening?  Take a breather, and drink it all in.  Take it all in your stride and see what becomes of it.

What tea will you choose, and what cup takes your fancy today?  Mine is a beautiful tender cup of Kuan Yin in an even more delicate second-hand teacup which has the tiniest saucer you’ve ever seen – the type you may see at a doll’s tea party!  It was given to me for my birthday last year.  Special tea, special cup.

My challenge to you is to take five minutes in your day, with your preferred cuppa and spend those few minutes thinking about what it is you need to think about, and be ok with it.  From stillness comes action.

May you enjoy quiet inspiration today.From stillness comes action

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